The Easter Bunny Foundation is a program that we became involved with here at the Sheriff's Department since 2009. The Easter Bunny Foundation partners with Sheriff's offices nationwide to visit hospitalized children during the Easter week. This is a program that is of NO COST to us.

The Foundation was founded in 1995 by Sam and Eleanor Meiner. This all being a part of a
501 (c) (3) corporation Incorporated in Florida in 2001.
The main goal of the Foundation is to share with hospitalized children and their families the excitement and wonder that only a personal visit from the Easter Bunny can bring.

During the visit the Easter Bunny delivers coloring books,crayons and a plush toy bunny to each child.
The Easter Bunny welcomes the attention and loves to have his picture taken with the child.

Since 2009 myself along with Detective Lisa Himelick and Sheriff Himelick have made yearly visits not only to Marion General Hospital but to the local womens shelter.

This has been a much rewarding program and our plans are to continue hopefully for many years to come.